Day 1 – Simphiwe’s Hand

So, that’s the first day done and sanded. There were five people who helped out on the first day, so huge thanks to:

  • Thato
  • Rachel
  • Justin
  • Simphiwe
  • Matthew

We accomplished a lot and they all worked very hard. In Terms of the actual log, I took logs three times during the day, once during the first work session, once during lunch and lastly just before packing up.

Mid-morning report

Work is well underway, Matthew and Justin are busy building the first lateral support for the treehouse. Thato, Rachel and Simphiwe are taking the jungle gym apart and sanding it down. Everything is rather chaotic, we don’t really have any system of organisation and the table is a bit of a mess.


Lunch report

At lunch, everyone was exhausted, but by far the biggest centre of attention was our dear friend Simphiwe. I had given Rachel, Thato and Simphiwe the job of building the ladder for the treehouse, which involved drilling through two poles and bolting them together. Simphiwe decided to fight the drill with his bare finger. Simphiwe vs Drill (held by Rachel). Who would win? Needless to say, we spent some time trying to pull his glove off the drill.

Besides that interesting incident, we had made some great progress. The jungle gym was completely stripped and sanded, and we had the first beam up the treehouse. Unfortunately, while taking the monkey bars off, we split one of the uprights only to reveal a hornet nest on the inside. This means having to dig out a pillar and re-cement a pole in. 


End-of-day report

Finally, we are done!! We have built the four support poles in the tree, and they are well secured. In addition, we have finished the ladder, although we were unable to finish angle-grinding the tips of bolts because our blade became as torn as someone choosing between pizza and ice-cream. 

We also removed the remaing elements from the jungle gym that we had forgotten earlier…

All-in-all, it was a productive day, and everyone went home exhausted. Despite being behind schedule with the treehouse, it isn’t by much, and we saved a large amount of time on the jungle gym. 

A great first day! Now onto next weekend….


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We’re up!

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