Project Breakdown

Project Breakdown

Component 1: Surface

Overview The surface of the playground is rocky and uneven. We aim to flatten it, and install a synthetic fibre mat, for added safety if the children fall.
  • Flatten Land
  • Install synthetic fibre mat
  • Create safe surface for children to play on
Detailed Description There are currently civils workers working at the school, so we will use their manpower and equipment to terraform the area. We will then be able to install recycled rubber bricks down. We will also lay bricks down the side of the playground so as to provide a noticeable border.


Component 2: Wall

Overview The wall behind the play equipment is quite bare. We are going to paint it and create an interactive wall for the children.
  • Create an aesthetically pleasing wall
  • Create a wall that is interactive for the children
Detailed Desription Since these children cannot see, merely painting a wall would not be hugely beneficial to them. Whilst many aren’t entirely blind, having a wall with different textures, is something all of them will appreciate. By using a combination of mosaics and 3D printed stories we can create a wall that can be seen by touching.
The 3D printed books are from a project called who aim to study how blind people can learn with their books.

Component 3: Play Structure


Overview We will be repairing the jungle gym to make it safe and enjoyable for the children to play on.
Goals ü  Make the equipment safe for the children

ü  Repair any broken items

ü  Make the structure aesthetically beautiful

ü  Replace dangerous items and add new ones

Duration 8 hours, spread out over two days


The play structure is the main focus of this project. We need to:

+ Add a slide

~ Change the “wobbly bridge” into a balancing beam

+ Add safety beams in various places

+ Add a cargo net in the “house” section

~ Fix the Monkey Bars

~ Fix the Solid Bridge

~ Fix the Swings

~ Fix the house roof

And paint the structure

Action Plan 1.     Take off everything that needs to be replaced

a.    House Roof

b.    Wobbly Bridge

c.    Sturdy bridge planks

d.    Monkey Bars

e.    Swings

2.    Install the balancing beam, fixed monkey bars, wooden rails and fixed sturdy bridge.

3.    Sand down structure

4.    Paint structure with first coat

5.    Paint with second coat

6.    Install remaining items:

a.    Roof (painted)

b.    Swings

c.    Cargo Nets

d.    Slide





Component 4: Bench


Overview We will be building a simple yet pretty bench.
Goals ü  Create an aesthetically pleasing bench

ü  Create a simple, and comfortable bench for teachers to watch children play

Duration 4 hours, spread out over two weekends


These children are visually impaired, meaning that teacher supervision is required for them to play on it. The problem is that the teachers have no place to sit, therefore the children do not play. We want to build a simple bench so that the teachers can sit and supervise the children while they play.
Action Plan 1.     Cast concrete for the bricks

2.    Place the framework for the bench in place (just bricks) and cement them

3.    Place the planks on and nail them in place




Component 5: Treehouse


Overview An interesting addition to the playground is a treehouse next to the jungle gym. It will be a simple design, with high sides
Goals ü  Create a safe yet fun treehouse for the children
Duration 10 hours


It might seem crazy to build a treehouse for blind kids, but the truth is that they basically live at the school, so there may as well be something interesting to play on. The challenge with this aspect is to make it safe. As such, the borders will be high enough for the children not to climb over, or through.
Action Plan 1.     Insert the skeleton for the floor

2.    Build the ladder

3.    Install ladder and flooring

4.    Install the side-pieces

5.    Varnish




Component 6: Boundaries


Overview To allow children to know where they are in the playground, we will install various boundaries
Goals ü  Create visible and tactile boundaries that can both be seen and felt
Duration 4 hours


It is vitally important for children to know when or if they are leaving the playground. As such, we will be installing a short path (8 meters) that will be cast ourselves. We will use mosaics to provide a relief for the children to know if they are leaving the playground.

We will also be putting up a hand rail, for children to get into the playground

Action Plan 1.     Cast paving stones

2.    Dig up pathway

3.    Compact soil

4.    Lay paving stones

5.    Dig railing holes

6.    Insert rails.