The project

Brief overview of the community service project “Blind Hope”

Blind Hope involves the Athlone School for the Blind, situated in Belleville, Cape Town. It is tailored for children with impaired or no vision at all. On the campus, they have around 300 children in boarding houses who stay at the school for periods of three months at a time.

The problem is, the children sit around for three months here, and they cause mayhem by kicking the ball and breaking windows because they can’t play on the jungle gym because it is so unsafe….

As mentioned there, there is an old play structure that I hope to repair. But! I want to do more than just that. I hope to completely re-vamp their play area, by adding new items to the jungle gym, adding a bench so teachers can supervise and more!!


If you want to see what I am actually doing:

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Images of the existing structure